Anti-Drunk Driving Tools: Tech Trends

John L. Calcagni III
anti-drunk driving tools

Modern technology is constantly evolving, and Anti-drunk Driving Tools are no different. There are plenty of devices on the market which is meant to monitor your blood alcohol content. However, how accurate are they and should you use them to determine if you can drive? Even if they are, how do you know which models and which companies are the best? There are so many types and even more products of those types. You can read more about it here.


Anti-drunk driving tools are best when they are the same ones that the police use to assess how high your blood alcohol content is. While not all commercial breathalyzers are as good as the ones used by law enforcement, they can come fairly close. These are a good preventative if you take into consideration that they are just a guide and are not always accurate. If you are monitoring how high your BAC is getting and stop before you get too close to the limit, you should be fine. However, if you do not or you are wrong you are likely to be detained and brought on charges. Courts and police do not care what commercial Anti-drunk driving tools assess your levels at. They only care about the evidence they can acquire and what it proves, one way or another.

Touch Device

There are some devices which claim to analyze you BAC through touch. Those Anti-drunk driving tools gauge the emission from your skin and estimate how drunk you are. These are not necessarily accurate and tend to be for entertainment purposes or as a very loose interpretation of BAC. There is also a chance that people would be able to find ways around this method. One way is with touch responsive gloves. Because they are made to be able to simulate touch on a phone screen, they would also be able to act as touch for these devices.

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are the Anti-drunk driving tools that have everyone excited about the future. While some require operator interaction, the majority of the automation would prevent a lot of the problems that drunk driving can create. They will be able to monitor speeds, control paths and prevent swerving, react for the driver and these alone would be a huge improvement. They wouldn’t be able to take someone home who is sleeping because they still require guidance. However, it is better than someone who is drunk taking a chance with the cars we have now.

There is also the chance that the driver will be able to operate the vehicle if their impairment isn’t a severe one. This isn’t to say that drinking heavily is ok if you are getting into an automated vehicle. Only that it may require minimal interaction and could control all of the necessary facets for you to make it home safely. It is something that you will want to learn about the car before you think of them as anti-drunk driving tools.

Anti-Drunk Driving Tools

While there will always be new technology that can help with drunk driving, they are not items that one should rely on. They are not admissible in court and will do nothing for you if you are charged with a DUI/DWI. These tests are more for entertainment value. The only test that will really matter is the one a police officer gives you. And none of these are of that grade or will prevent you from going to jail. The best bet is to just drink in moderation and be conscious of your ability to drive. If you are not sure that you can, don’t take the chance. You are rolling the dice and most people who do lose the game. Though Anti-drunk Driving Tools are beneficial, they are not reliable.

Finding a Lawyer

If you find yourself facing a judge for a DUI/DWI, you will need someone to represent you. Having someone with a lot of experience is essential to a solid case. However, they also need to have a deep understanding of these laws and their parameters. This will give you the best advantage you can have when you are standing in court, and your future hangs in the balance. Find someone who can answer all of your questions and give you a level of confidence. They will need to have seen cases like yours and have a good idea of strategies that will put you in a strong position with the court. A lot of attorneys will have experience as prosecutors, which is a great advantage. After all, who better to know how to defeat your opponent than someone who used to work with them? You can start your research here. Call with all of your questions and be sure to have the details of your case available.