prostitution defense attorney

Do You Need a Prostitution Defense Attorney?

For centuries, prostitution has been a part of society. Although it has been around for longer than most other professions, prostitution still remains illegal in many places. In most of the US, prostitution is a crime that comes with serious…

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military crime

Military Crime Reporting: The Flawed System

Military crime is back in the spotlight after the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Devin Patrick Kelley obtained a firearm even though he should’ve been banned. He committed a violent crime while serving in the military, and therefore shouldn’t…

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anti-drunk driving tools

Anti-Drunk Driving Tools: Tech Trends

Modern technology is constantly evolving, and Anti-drunk Driving Tools are no different. There are plenty of devices on the market which is meant to monitor your blood alcohol content. However, how accurate are they and should you use them to…

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meek mill

Probation Violation By Meek Mill

Rapper Meek Mill is headed to prison, and it might surprise you to find out why. Although Meek Mill originally ended up on the wrong side of the law with a 2008 gun and drug case, his recent crimes were…

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DUI Legalese

DUI Legalese Advice

When an officer pulls you over for a DUI, he might start throwing some fancy language. Although that language might sound like it comes from another country, it doesn’t. It comes from the law books, and you can call it…

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Arson Charges

Legal Advice for Arson Charges

As far as criminal charges go, arson is quite serious. Arson charges can result in serious penalties that permanently affect your life. However, facing the charges doesn’t mean that all is lost. You might be able to fight the charges…

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Confession Coercion The Law Enforcement Angle

Confession Coercion: The Law Enforcement Angle

When the police arrest and interrogate someone, they have certain rules that they need to follow. A failure to follow these rules is a breach of justice. However, some police officers break the rules. One way that they do so…

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Jag Lawyer to Fight Court Martial

Jag Lawyer to Fight Court-Martial

If you’re in the military, you could find yourself facing a court martial. And that is not something that you should take lightly. In a court martial, the stakes are high. The results of it could destroy your life and…

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