Charged with Disturbing the Peace in Dartmouth, MA

John L. Calcagni III

Criminal Charges:

Man arrested in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and charged at the Bristol County New Bedford District Court for disturbing the peace in violation of M.G.L. c. 272, § 53 

Case Overview:

Dartmouth Police were dispatched to a private residence following multiple 911 calls regarding a loud disturbance.  A man was heard by his neighbors yelling, screaming, and slamming things from inside of his home.  Upon arrival, police ordered the man to stop his behavior because he was disturbing the neighbors.  After providing the man with this verbal warning, police departed the man’s residence.  Approximately 45 minutes later, police again received multiple 911 calls regarding the man’s continued behavior.  When police arrived this second time, they could hear the man from the edge of the roadway repeatedly screaming and banging things inside his home.  Police again advised the man to quiet down and instructed him to go to sleep.  While police were still on scene, and before departing, they again heard the man act in this erratic manner.  Police then observed the man exit his home, and begin pacing back and forth while waving his arms in the air and continuing to yell.  Police again tried to calm him down, but he continued to rant and rave in an uncontrollable manner.  As a result, they placed him under arrest for Disturbing the Peace in violation of M.G.L. c. 272, § 53.  The man, already with two other open cases in the New Bedford District Court, contacted the Law Office of John L. Calcagni III, Inc. to represent him.  Following negotiations with the Commonwealth at the man’s first court appearance, Calcagni’s team successfully avoided a bail violation from being filed against the man and secured a dismissal of the new case.  

Case Result:


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