Woman charged with assault at Walmart in Fall River, MA

John L. Calcagni III

Criminal Charges:

Woman charged in the Bristol County Fall River District Court for:

  • Assault and Battery, in violation of M.G.L. c. 265, § 13A(a)

Case Overview:

Police were dispatched to Walmart for the report of an assault and battery. Upon arrival, police spoke to a Walmart manager who informed them that she was attacked by two co-workers, a daughter and mother. The manager directed the daughter to work on a specific task, which she declined to do, triggering an argument between the two. During the argument, the daughter smacked the manager in the face. The girl’s mother observed the incident and joined in the attack. Walmart security video captured the entire incident. In response, the daughter was charged with assault and battery in Fall River District Court. She retained Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney, John L. Calcagni III, to represent her in her case.

Case Result: Pretrial Probation.

Following ongoing negotiations with the Commonwealth and its consideration of a mitigation packet that Attorney Calcagni and his team office submitted on the daughter’s behalf, the Commonwealth offered to resolve her case with 6 months of pretrial probation, with the condition she complete 12 hours of community service. The daughter accepted this very favorable offer and the case was resolved accordingly. Under Massachusetts criminal law, pretrial probation does not call for a guilty plea or result in a criminal conviction. Provided the woman is not charged with a new offense during this 6-month period and completes the required community service, the matter will be dismissed.