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As a former federal prosecutor, Attorney Calcagni is well-versed in the prosecution and defense of all types of criminal cases. This experience is invaluable in his ability to defend those accused of felony crimes such as Murder and Manslaughter.

Under Massachusetts criminal law, to be categorized as murder, along with other elements, at least one of the four elements must be present:

  • intent to kill;
  • intent to inflict grievous bodily harm;
  • intent to commit a dangerous felony;
  • or a reckless indifference to a high risk to human life that is unjustifiable.   

If the act occurred as a result of sudden heat of passion caused by abrupt fighting or reasonable provocation, it would still be an intentional killing, but characterized as Voluntary Manslaughter because it occurred while in the heat of passion. 

In contrast, if the killing resulted from wanton or reckless conduct or by a battery the person knew or should have known would create a high degree of likelihood that substantial harm would result to another, it would be considered an unintentional killing and categorized as Involuntary Manslaughter. 

If you are facing murder or manslaughter charges in Massachusetts it is imperative to find the right legal counsel. Given the severity of the crime and potential penalties if convicted, you should hire an attorney with experience in defending people from these types of serious charges. For more information on the different types of charges, click on the links below:

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