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What are Warrants?

A warrant is a document sanctioned by the court to enable law enforcement (or others) to take a particular action. Various types of warrants exist – both criminal and civil. Criminal warrants are typically used to procure evidence or apprehend suspects in criminal investigations.

Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants and search warrants are the two most comm types of warrants in the criminal justice system. An arrest warrant is typically used in a criminal investigation to detain and question a suspect, and are issued provided there is probable cause.

Search Warrants

Search warrants are issued for the purpose of allowing law enforcement officers to search a person or private property. These warrants permit law enforcement to collect evidence pertaining to a crime that has been committed. Typically, the warrant must include specific details of the person or place to be searched.

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Some Warrant Offenses We Defend:

  • Default Warrants
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Search Warrants
  • Vacating Warrants

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