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Under Massachusetts law, assault is attempting to use force or demonstrating intent to use immediate force against another. Physical contact isn’t even necessary for you to receive assault charges. For example, throwing a punch and missing is assault in Massachusetts. Causing someone to fear for their wellbeing is enough to receive Massachusetts assault charges.

Assault and battery is any unwanted touching of another individual. Touching someone in a way that is likely to commit bodily harm is also assault and battery. For example, punching, kicking, shoving, or spitting on someone is assault and battery in Massachusetts. However, there does not need to be any injury to the victim.

Potential Punishment if Convicted of Simple Assault in Massachusetts

The potential consequences for Assault, if convicted, in the Commonwealth may be found at Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 265, Section 13A(a).

A defendant convicted of Assault may be sentenced to a term of not more than 2 ½ years in the house of corrections.   This same penalty applies to both forms or theories of assault under Massachusetts law.

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