Arrested For Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License by East Bridgwater MA Police

John L. Calcagni III

Criminal Charges:

Man Arrested by East Bridgwater Police Department and charged in Brockton District Court, Brockton, Massachusetts for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License.

Case Overview:

East Bridgewater Police were on patrol when they observed a man operating a moped with a Massachusetts registration plate.  Upon running the plate, police discovered the registered owner’s license had been revoked due to an out-of-state DUI charge.  Police conducted a motor vehicle stop.  The man driving the moped was the registered owner and admitted he was aware his license was revoked.  Police issued a citation to the man for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Revoked License.  The man retained Massachusetts Suspended License Lawyer, John L. Calcagni III, to defend him in this matter.

Case Result:

Dismissed. Attorney John L. Calcagni III entered his appearance and requested the matter be scheduled for a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing, opposed to being immediately filed in court with a criminal complaint.   Following oral arguments at the hearing, the Clerk-Magistrate denied the police department’s application to issue a criminal complaint.  Instead, the Clerk-Magistrate ordered that the matter remain open for three (3) months.  After the completion of three (3) months, providing the man is not charged with a new offense, the Clerk will deny the application for criminal complaint and the matter will be forever closed and dismissed.

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