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Motor Vehicle Offenses in Massachusetts

Under Massachusetts law, there are other Motor Vehicle offenses for which a person may be charged criminally. These laws include felony and misdemeanor crimes which are prosecuted in the Superior, District Court or Municipal Courts.

There is also a complex web of civil motor vehicle infractions that are not punishable criminally with potential terms of incarceration, probation, loss of license, or otherwise.  If a person receives a civil motor vehicle infraction, there will be a hearing held in front of either a clerk-magistrate or assistant clerk-magistrate at the District or Municipal Court.

If found responsible for a civil motor vehicle infraction, a motorist may be required to pay a civil assessment.  Responsible findings are reported to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and are reported on a motorist’s driving record.  The more responsible findings that are reported, the more likely that a motorist may face an administrative license suspension imposed by the RMV.  

Civil motor vehicle infractions are often charged in conjunction with OUI and other criminal motor vehicle offenses but may also be imposed individually such as when police stop a motorist and issue a ticket or citation.

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